Little bits from a mother’s universe


The Mommyversum Story

In November 2017 I gave birth to the most amazing human being on this planet, to baby Oliver. I love him more than life, but oh boy were the first few months challenging! My biggest lesson learnt is that I need to lose the expectation of perfect and just be happy with the small bits that I get to do a day. That is how the idea of 5 (minutes) for Mum came to me, it was the first title of the blog. It was all about taking those 5 minutes that we, as parents get to enjoy for ourselves and doing something meaningful with them. I still believe that sometimes we literally have 5 minutes, but to me 5 minutes have also become a symbol for my little breaks during the day… they might be 2 minutes, might be 20 minutes. These small gaps offer us a chance to reconnect with the part of ourselves that is not a parent, the part that we miss from time to time. After a while I realised that I wanted to write about more than self-care and those 5 minutes. I had more things to say about mental health, the journey into motherhood and how I try to find my new identity as a mom. I felt that all these topics would go beyond the 5 for Mum concept, so I decided to change the title of the blog to Mommyversum, so that I can share little stories, bits and pieces from the motherhood universe.

The Mom behind Mommyversum


My name is Emese Malya. Being a mom is my favourite title in the whole wild world. The fact that I can call myself a mama is a miracle as my journey into motherhood has not been easy. I write about this in the Born to be a mom series. I live on the west coast of Ireland, in the beautiful city of Galway. I love learning new things and connecting dots. I think deep down inside I am a nerd and I don’t plan to stop studying ever. Since becoming a mom I’ve found new creative energies in writing, blogging and connecting with other moms. While I work in an office full-time, I am also a long-time student of yoga. I am passionate about female mental and physical health and any form of mindful movement practices.


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