Mommyversum - Meet Amy Jane

In this month we are talking a lot about community and how being surrounded by fellow moms and dads can really elevate and empower us, especially on the really difficult days. We can get so isolated in the first few months, those nights spent awake, the rainy days when it’s impossible to leave the house can make you feel lonely. That is why having someone to talk to in person or virtually who knows exactly what you are going through, who has been there, who can tell you ‘don’t worry, this is also just a phase’ is a must have for every new parent. Our next guest on the Mommyversum interview series is an amazing lady who has created an online community by sharing her story as a mom in a blended family. It is our pleasure to welcome Amy Jane to the Mommyversum, you may also know her as @mylittlemummyblog on Instagram. Once you get to know her through her blog posts and social media feed, you instantly feel like you are with a friend, that is how captivating she is.

Hi Amy Jane! Welcome to our community! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Hello, my name is Amy Jane, I am 36 years old and I live in Cork, Ireland. I have a Masters Degree in Business and I am a qualified Fashion Stylist. Since becoming a Mum two and a half years ago, I stopped working outside of the home. For me it was a massive change because not only was I becoming a Mum to my new born little boy Bobby, I was also becoming a full time Step Mum to our tween and teen, a boy and a girl. Yes, I was a Step Mum first, but I had been working full time so I was only at home when my husband was at home. So, the change was huge when I became a stay at home Mum, it was now to a Teenager, a tween and a new born. It was and still is challenging for me.

I've been following your account on Instagram and apart from the fact that you have a very delightful grid, I love that you write about your blended family and also about being a step mom. What made you start your website and your Instagram blog in the first place?

I started My Little Mummy Blog because honestly, I felt alone. I was living this whole new life and although I loved and still absolutely adore being a Mum, I found it lonely and challenging. My first blog post was called “Becoming a Stepmom” and to be honest it felt more like a diary entry. The reaction I received was incredible and I loved it because all of a sudden, I had a community of Mums telling me that they too feel the same and although we love being Mum, we felt alone together, if that makes sense.

So, it has continued, any stages I am going through that I think other Mums can relate to then I write about them. My blog is not just for Mums though because I think if I was talking about motherhood all day long people would get a bit bored, so as a Fashion Stylist, there is lots of fashion, style and lifestyle thrown in too.

What do you feel was the biggest challenge for you as a new mom/step mom? 

The biggest challenge for me as a New Mum/Stepmom was probably sharing. Sharing my husband, sharing our little new born baby, sharing in general. I had to remind myself that the kids need quality time alone with their Dad, Bobby needs time with his big brother and sister. So that was hard because when you feel so much love for your little baby, all you want to do is cuddle them and kiss them every minute of the day and not leave them out of your sight. However, thankfully, I have got much better at sharing because I realise that it benefits everyone and everyone is happier, which leads to a happier home for us all.

How you would define self-care, what does it mean to you?

Self-care to me before I became a Mum was probably retail therapy and a nice massage every now and then but to be honest it was something I never thought of because I was the only person that I needed to worry about, so I suppose every day was a self-care day for me.

Has the definition changed since becoming a mom?

In the past two years though I have totally realised that that’s not really what self-care is. We need self-care, especially as a Mother. Its actually a realisation and journey that I am only just beginning.

What kind of self-care routines do you have? 

I have recently downloaded the Calm app and I love it. I try to do ten minutes everyday where I just sit and be still and try to calm my mind. It really does work and that’s coming from someone who would have been a bit of a cynic before now.

I have also started following people on Instagram such as Cliona O Hanlon Wellness and The Real-World Buddhist and I must say even scrolling through their stories feels therapeutic and it sends me little reminders about how having a positive mindset can change your whole life!

Do you have one that is your number go-to routine for really difficult days?

Right now, I am beginning to really realise that the responsibility lies with me alone in order to make my life healthier and happier, nobody else can do this for me. It’s not down to my husband or my kids, its down to me and if there is something in my life that I feel is challenging and I cannot change that fact or situation then all I can do is change how I respond, react and feel within me, to it. To be honest, it is a journey I am only beginning and at the moment, I am looking into doing a 1-day wellness retreat to learn more about the magic of our mind.

I would like to do this interview again in a years’ time, to see where I am at with my self-care and if my mind has indeed been broadened.

Finally, where can people find you if they want to see and read more about you and your blog? 

If any of this interest you, I would love if you could follow me on my journey. My Instagram handle is: @mylittlemummyblog. My website is: My Facebook is: @mylittlemummyblog.

Photo courtesy of Amy Jane.