Motherhood through Hollywood

I love films, I love how they are able to take me to a special place, time or emotion. I probably should have written that I used to love films, cause as a new mom I rarely have time, energy or any brain cells left at the end of the day to process a basic storyline.

Image borrowed from  this site .

Image borrowed from this site.

When I got pregnant, I felt intrigued to re-watch Look, who’s talking. I remembered it as a nice funny movie and re-watching it brought some of my childhood back. I enjoyed the movie again, but in a different way. And it also made me think how falsely they were depicting pregnancy and childbirth. Of course, at the time I had no personal experience with birth itself, but I kind of suspected that most labours last longer than a taxi ride to the hospital. :D

Looking back from my 10 month postpartum milestone, there are many other movies that would probably leave me with the same feeling and would disappoint me with their unrealistic representation of pregnancy, birth, early postpartum and motherhood in general. So let’s watch and perceive them with the following disclaimer:

These films are here to entertain us, to make us laugh, cry, think, sometimes all at the same time, but they never come close to the beauty, the challenge, the complexity, the fun and the hardship that motherhood entails for a woman’s mind, body and soul.

Now that we got this out of the way, here is a list of 6 motherhood movies and series that I’d recommend for entertainment:

  1. Look, who’s talking - first on the list because of nostalgic reasons and it’s still heart-warming and makes me laugh. Fun fact: in Hungary films used to be dubbed by very famous and great actors, and their brilliant vocal performance added an extra boost to films. so that is how Mikey’s voice is part of the Hungarian pop culture now.

  2. Life as we know it - a great romcom with Katherine Heigl, and who doesn’t love Katherine Heigl romcoms? Bonus points to the film for the poonami scene.

  3. What to expect when you are expecting - this film is on the list only because of Elizabeth Banks and her character, she is just brilliant and makes me laugh every time.

  4. Juno - definitely one that makes me laugh, cry and think at the same time. Reminder to self, I want to re-watch this when I’ll have some time.

  5. Offspring - an Australian series, available via Netflix, I watched it during my last fertility treatment, was a great distraction. Story: Nina, an obstetrician in her thirties struggles with her chaotic family, romantic and professional relationships and through the 7 seasons (spoiler alert!) she becomes a mom at one point which further complicates the scene. Definitely a big time investment, but it’s just major entertainment. The characters, the dialogues, the stories.

  6. The Letdown - another Australian series, I think it’s a Netflix original. I watched it while pumping around 5-6 months postpartum and it was just the perfect timing. Follows a sleep deprived mama joining a mothers’ support group. Great characters, dialogues and a touch of truth about the new mom struggles.

What are your favourite motherhood movies? Any recommendation?

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