Blessings of the mommy brain

I think we can all establish that mommy brain is real. There are different theories around its root cause, some say it is a result of the hormonal changes in the female body, others claim that sleep deprivation is a huge factor. Not even mentioning the fact that a new baby consumes all your energy, no wonder nothing else fits into your head. (Here is an interesting article about what exactly happens to the female brain during and after pregnancy.) 

Original photo from  Unsplash

Original photo from Unsplash

I started noticing 'mommy brain' relatively early in my pregnancy. I was working and it was getting super annoying that I forgot everything, I was not as sharp at meetings as before. I had to be reminded of tasks which never really happened before. Since I had always relied on how well my brain worked, it was very frustrating to experience a massive decline in my mental capacity, focus and memory.

Baby is 8 and a half months old and very soon I need to go back to work. Although I feel some improvement in the brain department, it is not even close to pre-pregnancy state. I've tried to overcome it by writing things down, but then I forgot where my notes were, or by the time I got to the notepad, the thought just slipped away. Then I thought, 'okay, this is probably going to be the new normal... how can I learn to love it?'.

So here is a collection of some benefits I discovered in having a mommy brain.

  1. I tend to overthink by nature. Now I enjoy having totally blank moments. And I mean real blank moments with nothing in my head.

  2. I became incapable of multitasking. I was a huge multitasker before baby, but now I need to focus 100% on what I am doing otherwise I mess it up. (And even if I focus, I still mess things up... :D)

  3. I feel more present during my activities, because focusing takes more effort.

  4. Mommy brain helps filtering my thoughts. If I don't remember it, it was probably not that important.

  5. I learned to have a notepad around all the time. It also feels liberating to write things down, so I don't even need to try to remember them anymore. Bonus relief if I find my notepad. :D

  6. Useless info stored in my brain is gone. I used to remember everything, really everything. My husband mocked me all the time, cause I even remembered where he had put things in our previous house 5 years ago on a particular Wednesday.

  7. Helps me accepting that it's okay to make mistakes. From not putting salt in the soup, through forgetting to bring a pacifier for baby to the afternoon walk, to missing appointments even if they were in the calendar. Teaches me to acknowledge, apologize (if needed) and move on.

  8. I enjoy that my monkey mind noise has a much lower volume. That little monkey is just too tired most of the time to jump around. :D

  9. We barely turn the TV on anymore. (We used to watch a lot of shows or my husband had some car race on in the background most weekends.) It's just too much noise for our sleep-deprived new parent brains, and we end up having more talks instead.

  10. I love that my mind is mostly filled with thoughts around our baby and how our little family is doing. So much joy!

Picture: Unsplash