The Puzzle

Before they became a family of three,

Made a pact about one important thing.

They would never forget about each other,

First and foremost they were a couple.

They didn’t want to go so mad,

Where they would call themselves only mom and dad.

At least one date night each week,

That’s the schedule they planned to keep.


When it slipped for the first time,

They did not seem to mind.

Sleep deprivation made them so forgetful,

They could barely take care of the little bundle.

Had no time to miss one and other,

They had to transform into mother and father.

The task at hand felt overwhelming,

So they marked the date night as permanently pending.


When the baby was finally asleep,

They could only collapse into their seats.

All they talked about in the evenings,

How to keep their lives moving.

‘You take this’, ‘I’ll do that’,

‘No-no, this time it’s your turn with the bath’.


Team meetings were scheduled instead of date nights,

So all to-dos could be properly assigned.

One day when playing their household puzzle,

They remembered that they were also a couple.

Their eyes lit up, giggles filled the air,

But not too loud so the baby wouldn’t get scared.


Called each other ‘my love’ and ‘sweetheart’,

The whole scene felt like a fresh start.

Fast-forward to a few months after,

Their house is filled with much more laughter.

They learned to sneak in the cuddles and kisses,

And also rocking the parenting pieces.

Original of thumbnail image is from Unsplash.