'Are you a first-time mom?'

I get this question asked a lot, at medical check ups, on the playground, in shops, at the park. Sometimes the tone is genuine interest, in many cases though it comes with a significant half-smile and implies that I might worry too much, I should know more, or maybe ask less. 

A first-time mom is new to the maternal lineage. For a lot of us, it is a very isolated experience just because our families and societies are set up this way. There is no initiation ritual into the maternal tribe anymore, so we need to work with what we have around us, which might not be much (if you don’t want to rely on #googleuniversity about everything).

I’d like to think that being a first-time mom offers also the advantages of the beginner’s mind. Add ‘listening to your maternal instincts’ to the picture, I feel they can make a powerful combination.

So maybe the next time you see me worrying, wondering, looking lost whilst walking on the avenue of motherhood, come and ask the question if you want, but also, give me a reassuring smile with a hug, maybe say that we are all in this together... ...just from one mother to another.

PS: @birthofamama writes beautiful posts about these topics. This is only my mini-rant version filtered through very recent experiences. 

Thanks for listening out there... 

Original of thumbnail image is from Unsplash.