Mommyversum - Meet Laura


My next guest on the series is Laura Felton or you may know her as @mummy_poppy_bailey on Instagram. She is a bold and sassy mom with a great pinch of humour. On her Instagram blog she shares the highs and lows of her mom life in a raw and honest way portraying a real woman and how motherhood looks like with two small children day to day. Her posts have inspired many others to open up and tell their own stories about struggles and wins. She has recently been featured on Cornwall Live where she shares that she wants moms following her to feel less alone with their daily challenges.

Hi Laura! Thank you so much for making time for my questions, so excited to have you as my second guest on the series. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Cornwall, England with my husband John and our two beautiful girls Poppy (1) and Bailey (9 months). I am a self-employed social media manager, which means I get to work from home, this sounds better than it actually is! Before becoming a mummy I was working in the hospitality industry and absolutely loved it. I hope to return into this industry but within the social media sector.

We have also met through Instagram. I think you are inspiring, one of your recent posts about feeling overwhelmed by leaving the house with two small kids was very powerful. Your vulnerability and honesty touched me and I am sure a lot of other moms too. I also saw that it helped others opening up about their struggles in response to your story. What made you start your Instagram blog in the first place?

I first started my Instagram blog, simply to share photos. I never imagined I would be so honest, and I didn’t think my honesty would help and inspire so many mums.

What do you feel was the biggest challenge for you as a new mom?

The biggest challenge as a new mum was making mum friends.

Did that change along the way? What are the challenges now?

I’ve been a mum for almost two years and it has got easier but it is still difficult. I haven’t got the confidence to say hello and introduce myself to strangers. A challenge I have now is to remember to be patient with the girls, my husband and even myself, I forget to stay calm and take a few deep breaths sometimes.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self care is a glass of wine at the end of the day. :)

Has that changed since becoming a mom?

The glass got bigger (literally, I bought bigger glasses). :D

Or since becoming a mom of 2?

It’s now become a glass of wine at the end of the afternoon haha!

How do you find time for yourself these days?

I rarely have time for myself, but sometimes I go out for a coffee and my husband will have the girls. Or he will take them to Tesco and I’ll have a quick 20 minutes to myself.

What kind of self-care routines do you have?

I actually don’t think I have any self-care routines. Maybe I should get some! :)

Do you have one that is your number go-to routine for really difficult days?

On really difficult days, I just put the kids to bed early. My husband works long shifts so it’s just me at dinner and bed time. If it’s a challenging day and I can’t do it anymore - I just give the kids an early dinner and an early bed time.

Do you have one that takes only a couple of minutes?

Hide in the kitchen, shut the door and eat an unhealthy snack. :D

Finally, where can people find you if they want to follow your journey?

On my Instagram - @mummy_poppy_bailey

PS: Laura has recently started a YouTube channel as well with honest vlogs about parenting.


The photo in this interview has been used with Laura’s permission.