It hit the news a good few days ago that we, as humanity have 12 years to change the way we live our lives, otherwise one catastrophe will follow another - extreme heat, drought, floods, lack of food and poverty just to mention a few - and our planet will start to turn against us. I still cannot process it...

12 years from now my baby is going to be a little teenager having his whole life ahead of him. 12 years from now we are going to be in our late 40s with my husband and will hopefully have a whole life ahead of us.

I know I am just one person, we are only one family, but I feel that we cannot hide under the rock anymore hoping that things will just change magically. I want to take responsibility and look at my own life first before pointing anywhere else.

I am starting this thread to document what we are doing as a family of three, what things we can change easily, how much it costs and what the change brings to us. I want to go through our home room by room and make myself (and maybe others) aware of all the things that will not degrade in our lifetimes, everything that is part of the problem. I want to document the costs of going #minimalwaste because I think people have this concept in their head that all these changes are expensive. I am not sure yet, but I have a hunch that it is not costly, we just need to find the right resources and that is why I want to go through this journey and keep track. I have tons of questions and I feel I know nothing about how to start this, so I am going to do some research, ask questions from people who have more experience and knowledge. Anything I find out will land here.

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